Prajna Akashagarbha Moving Meditation DVD


Prajna means “wisdom”, Akas’a — “space”, and Garbha–“hidden”, like a baby in the mother’s womb. The wisdom fills the whole space and the whole space is it. Prajna Akasagarbha means, “wisdom hidden in space.” The sixteen moves involve the sixteen mudras of Akas’agarbha Bodhisattva’s Dharma practice.

The movement is smooth, balanced, and flows like water. It moves slowly with great depth. First your body, mind and movement will join in one with nature. Then, the light of your body and soul will quickly join in one with the light of the heavenly bodies and the universe.

You will experience the sensation of gravitational pulls and your health will improve. Once your body has a fundamental change, then wisdom opens up. Once you have wisdom, then you will truly be One and will know the rhythm of nature. Once you grasp the true rythm of nature, then you will enter the reality, and truly live your life according to nature.

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